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Easter is nearly upon us. For some people, it is a very important time in the religious calendar. For others, it is a lovely period to spend time with loved ones. With the season springing from the cold, dark months of winter to the joy and renewal of life that Spring brings with it’s flowers and longer days of light, there is no better time to bring a new look for your wardrobe or home. Think light, clean and fresh colours. The spring colour palette derives from yellow with no tones or shades, only tints. The colours are fairly saturated and warm.

Yellow is one of the obvious spring colours that come to mind, especially around Easter (with all the new chicks and ducklings, the daffodils and tulips and the days being sunnier). Yellow is connected to the sun; it sparkles with heat, vitality, energy and light, promoting new growth. It is an outgoing colour and brings hope, joy and optimism. It is easily visible and grabs immediate attention.

With the positive message that yellow brings, it has always baffled me as why people find it so hard to incorporate this colour into their lives. There are many yellows to choose from. Bright, bold, citrus, mellow, chalky, subtle, soft and so on. There is a yellow to suit but most people remember the yellow they don’t like, rather than trying to find the one they do like. It is a perfect accent colour and it is a great way to bring forth the positive characteristics. In clothing, it may be a scarf with a splash of yellow in the pattern or in the home; it may be a cushion or flowers. My suggestion is to embrace the opportunity of the new season and to experiment with the various options out there. You just might find the new you! Young, youthful, happy and energetic!

On that note, I’ll take this opportunity to wish you a very happy Easter and all that the new season brings.

What comes to mind when you think yellow?

The rubber duck! Bananas, Bananas in Pyjamas, mango, lemons, corn on the cob, the sun, daffodils, a buzzy bee, a gold finch, M&M peanuts, road signs, smiley face and the famous Wallaby Rugby jersey.

Just take a look at these images and think about how they make you feel.

For me, yellow often reminds me of my childhood, nature and the outdoors, fresh fruit and sunshine. I had a yellow raincoat (to make me stand out and keep safe). It wasn’t worn all that often, now that I think about it, as it really didn’t rain that much in country Australia! My brother gave me a yellow smiley face wall hanging, which I adored. I had a yellow, black and white bedroom, which was always energising when I woke up. One of the funniest times spent with my husband and son was at the M&M World in London, where I discovered I was “Yellow”. Mangos are my favourite fruit and the road signs always make me remember my many road trips across Australia in my 20’s. I always feel a sense of pride when the Aussies wear their yellow sporting colours and I just feel joy and happiness when I see or think “yellow”.

So next time you want to experience a sense of joy, why not think of how you could incorporate some yellow into your world. You might want to accessorise your home, your wardrobe and or simply enjoy a fresh banana. Add some black to yellow and you will create a sense of drama, perhaps alert the unsuspecting to possible danger or just draw instant attention. Good luck and have fun!

Well the Rugby Six Nations Tournament is well underway and by no means has it been predictable. All the teams at one time or another have shown great character, resilience and determination. Can we relate colour and colour psychology to our teams, their kit and their performance?

For example Scotland wore their home strip (dark navy with gold trim) to play their first game against England. The colour blue can suggest the traits of seriousness, tradition, conservatism, solidity and loyalty. How did this play out in the game? Yes, they gave it their all. Yes, the team, were serious about the task ahead. Yes, they traditionally lose against England and yes, perhaps they were a little conservative with the play this time around. Nothing new or creative was on offer.

For their second game against Italy, they wore their alternative strip, royal blue (brighter) with the white cross (St Andrew’s flag) and they wore it with typical Scottish pride. They played with flare and gusto and left the Italians wanting. It was a fantastic display of energy and commitment to the task at hand. Did the white on the strip provide a psychological response to energy, virgin territory ie of winning (like a new fall of snow) where the boys had the attitude that it was another day and therefore a new opportunity to show their “pure” skill? Did the royal blue, being brighter, give the feeling of youth and calmness to the game? The third match against Ireland, they returned to their home strip (dark navy with gold trim). The game’s outcome was in conflict with the statistics of territory and possession held by Ireland for the majority of the game. The Scottish boys showed great tenacity and effort throughout the match with their scrambling defense and efficient lineouts. Against all expectations, they won. What a great result for the Scottish team and fans. Ireland wore green (a colour of balance and harmony in nature), however, with the statistics balanced in their favour, they could not convert their efforts to points and therefore a win. The question that remains is, what effect would a different strip, which depicted different colours have on the players? Recently, there was a competition by SRU to design the new Scottish jersey. It will be interesting to see what they ultimately choose. Will they take a different approach and will colour psychology be taken into consideration?

This was my entry. What do you think?

This jersey represents the values of Scotland Rugby.

The Red Kite” – a Scottish bird of prey. Saved from national extinction. Fast, powerful and efficient with its hunting.

The red represents passion, power, aggression and energy needed to win. The yellow represents joy of the game and energy from the sun. The aqua blue represents the water that laps the shores of our nation. The purple represents the heather and the thistles in the hills of Scotland and the Red Kite’s hunting ground. The dark (royal) blue represents the Saltire and the people Scotland.

This is my son’s entry. The flash of yellow represents success and the energetic spirit the team needs to get the "W"'s.The white on the shoulders represents the Saltire. There could be a Saltire on the back of blue shorts and the flash of yellow brilliance on the socks! How the Scottish team fares overall will probably not be influenced by what they are wearing but it is food for thought.

Spring is definitely knocking on our windows. Fingers crossed that it is the beginning of a warm and sunny summer ahead.

When we think of sunshine, warmth, joy, happiness & energy – what colour “springs” to mind? (Excuse the pun).

YELLOW is the colour of these characteristics. It represents life. The sun allows our crops to grow and it provides us with Vitamin D, which allows our bodies to absorb calcium, the all-important vitamin for strong bones. It creates heat, which triggers condensation and then precipitation. Without the sun, life would not be sustained.

So what can we do when living in the Northern Hemisphere and the sunshine often escapes us? Fly off to Spain or even further a field to the countries down under, I here you say.

Or we can consider how to accessorise with yellow, both in our homes and office. Sometimes, it is as easy as putting a bright bunch of daffodils or yellow roses into a room. Alternatively, we can look at yellow being used as an accent colour in cushions, throws, bed linen and ornaments for example. Much like a dose of sunshine, it doesn’t take much to inject warmth and cheer via the colour yellow. You can decorate more boldly with yellow as seen in the dinning room, kitchen and lounge. Remember, there are many different tones of yellow. They can be bright or like in the second lounge, they can be more subtle. The choices are endless!

This weekend it is Mothering Sunday (or Mother’s Day). There isn’t a better way than to show appreciation of life by giving yellow flowers to your mum!

So enjoy the weekend, the sunshine and the warmth to hearts that our mums and the colour yellow can bring.

Till next week.

Enjoy Life in Colour


It is celebrating its 35th year. Whatever your thoughts, it certainly is quite the display of colour and flamboyance. By the very nature of the people involved, they embrace colour completely. It is a way for them to express themselves.

This photo was taken from last year’s parade. The shocking pink draws your attention. It is energetic and loud. Everything a street parade and party wants to be. However, it is not a confrontational colour and it brings gentleness to the situation. Sydneysiders enjoy the spectacle like any other event or celebration.

So when you want to shout out loud or draw attention to a product, business or yourself, don’t be afraid to experiment and stand out from the crowd.

It is just colour after all! It can always be changed. Fear not.

Till next week.

Enjoy Life in Colour