Colour Considerations

Colours we wear can reflect our feelings, personality and mood. However, perhaps the colour we choose to wear is responsible for creating our mood and feelings and therefore, how we express ourselves.

If we look to nature, colour is all around us. Our clothes to us, are like the feathers to a bird or fur and hair to animals. They help define who we are and allow others to identify us.

When considering the effects of colour, we look at colour symbolism and colour psychology. Different cultures have attached powerful meanings and associations to colour throughout the ages. It can be considered as a learned response. This is colour symbolism. Whereas, it is thought that colour psychology happens on a subconscious level. We are born with an instinctive sense of colour, which has the capacity to affect our mental, physical and emotional well-being.

Understanding how we see colour, how to specify colour and how colour affects us has been studied over the centuries by people such as physicist and mathematician Isaac Newton, philosophers like Aristotle, teachers like Rudolf Steiner, psychiatrists like Carl Jung, artists such as Leonardo Di Vinci and Johannes Itten, and in modern times, colourists like Suzanne Caygill and Angela Wright. It is not a new subject but as a result of our fascination, we now have a better appreciation for the importance of colour in our lives.

So, at the very least, we shouldn’t dismiss colour when we design our interiors, our company branding images or how we utilise colour for ourselves. It gives us a very unique opportunity to express ourselves as individuals.

Colour Charts

So why should I have my Colours done?Colour Confidence

Understanding our colours as an individual can be done so by way of a colour analysis session. The methodology used by Harmony Ridge Colours is known as Seasonal Colours with a Twist™, developed by Sue Cocks of QCIC Academy, Surrey.

This method looks at your skin undertone, determining whether you have a warm or cool tone and then it determines the intensity of colour best suited to you. The range is Warm 1 to Warm 4 and Cool 1 to Cool 4. With this system, unlike other traditional colour analysis systems that utilise the seasonal method (Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring), there is room for deviation in your colour palette. Sometimes we like and feel good in a colour that, strictly speaking, does not fall into our seasonal palette but if we support this deviation on colour appropriately and bring balance to the outfit, it can look and feel good.

All colours are to be enjoyed and experimented with. For the most part, we all may inherently know what works for us but what a colour analysis session can do is bring confidence to our choices and assist us in selecting the best version of the colour we want to wear. When we achieve the right tone and intensity of colour, our overall presentation to others is enhanced. We can then objectively re-organise our wardrobe over time to incorporate the seasons and trends that come and go.

Harmony Ridge Colours does not want to make you feel inadequate or self-conscious with your dress sense but we would like to be able to guide you through your many options, so you feel comfortable and secure in yourself and your decisions.